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About Us

Relationship Coaches
and Authors of
 "How To Heal Your Broken Heart"

Susie and Otto Collins

 About Susie and Otto...

Susie and Otto Collins are happily married Relationship Coaches and authors from South Central Ohio who are committed to helping other people create more conscious, connected, loving relationships of all kinds.

Susie and Otto's newsletters are read by over 40,000 people in 37 countries and together they have appeared on dozens of radio and TV programs offering expert opinions and advice on the secrets of creating better relationships.

They are also the authors of several books, programs on building closer and more loving relationships. Among these books and programs are How to Heal Your Broken Heart, No More Jealousy, Should You Stay or Should You Go?, the Relationship Attractor Factor, Communication Magic and others.

Here are some of their books and courses...

How to Heal Your Broken Heart
What are the secrets to getting over a relationship break up or divorce? It's much more than you think. In this new book we show you what it takes to heal a broken, get rid of your pain, let go of the past and move on to a happier more joyful future. For more information  click here now
Relationship Attractor Factor
7 simple steps to attracting and keeping the love you want.  For more information, click here now


No More Jealousy
This brand new course is for anyone
who wants to overcome and eliminate jealousy from their
relationships and their lives.  For more information,
click here now


Communication Magic
Discover the secrets to immediately improving communication in all your relationships and to create a lifetime of love.  For more information,
click here now

Are you considering leaving a relationship?
Should You Stay or Should You Go?
is a brand new book filled with compelling questions and insights to help you make that difficult relationship decision.  Click here now for more information.

Creating Relationship Trust
Of all the qualities that make up a good relationship, trust is undeniably the most important. It's the one quality that a relationship simply can't survive without.
 If you want to discover the relationship secrets for building trust and dramatically improving your relationships, Click Here for complete details on how to build trust in a relationship and how to rebuild it if it's been broken.

Creating Relationship Magic
Discover what two soulmates do to create a magical relationship! In our e-book, "Creating Relationship Magic" we've identified 52 of the biggest challenges and issues we all face in our relationships and through powerful personal stories and examples, we show you how you can create magical relationships in your life .....Click here now



7 Proven Secrets for Attracting Your Perfect Partner
If you're ready, this course reveals our proven step-by-step formula for attracting your perfect partner and bringing more love into your life. click here now


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